Frequently Asked Questions



We often receive some frequent questions from the users who are willing to invest in our company. Lets take a look at most common FAQ's asked by them.And see if we have resolved your doubts too.

Q.How can I trust the company?

Ans. You can verify through various Aspects:
  • Registered With : http://www.mca.gov.in/
  • MTSI Advertising is having Secured server (SSL) by GLOBAL SIGN
  • Verified by Zaakpay Payment Gateway.
  • And not all companies can avail Private Limited,SSL,Payment Gateway,Toll Free and more over we bank only with HDFC and ICICI.

    Q.What is the proof that your company is a private limited and government authorized?

    Ans. As you have checked the MCA website above it is clear that we are private limited and government authorized.

    Q.How did you get my number?

    Ans. As It is said The world is small and the Online World has made it much more smaller.

    Q.Do I get any Tax related benefit if I register to any of the plan?

    Ans. No, The paid amount is not any kind of INVESTMENT,It is purely a REGISTRATION.

    Q.If this is a job opportunity then why should I pay registration amount?

    Ans. MTSI Advertising offers you a part time project,and all projects does have upfront fees.

    Q.Registration amount is too high,Can't you negotiate something with it?

    Ans. Thanks, Well we rather take it as a compliment.The amount is directly proportionate to our services.

    We hope that those FAQ's have resolved your issues, if not then don't worry just contact our support department anytime by contacting us on our

    TOLL FREE NUMBER 1800-2121-066