Refund Policy


Refund Policy

The amount you pay on our website is for accessing the information collected and professionally presented by us inside the members area. The amount you pay on our website must be treated as consultancy fee only and we clearly state that it is not any form of deposit or investment.

We offer you information based product and because of the nature of information products it is impossible for the product to be returned once you have accessed the information. Accessing the information provided by us and then asking for a refund is not acceptable. Therefore we do not offer refunds for this information-based product.

Information piracy is purely illegal and we do not support it. This policy is to protect our information from digital piracy and other forms of abuse. The amount paid on this website for purchase or use of any of our products or services is absolutely non-refundable in any of the circumstances. We stand firmly behind our excellent information based product because we know that it works. We are honest business people doing our very best to ensure that all our members enjoy the best of success.

As simple is that we don’t offer refunds in all the cases unless it is the mistake from our side and that also depends on that specific scenario, only in that case we offer partial or full refund which would clearly depend on that particular scenario.